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Q'ero Nation

Homo Luminous

I lived in the high Andes of Peru for about a year, studying indigenous healing practices of Peru and the the lineage of shamans called the Q'ero. The Munay-ki prophecies predict the evolution of a new humanity: the homo luminous. Using shamanic energy medicine and working intimately with the animal archetypes of the medicine wheel, we are better able to participate in our own conscious evolution. The Munay-ki Rites are high frequency activations of your luminous energy field. They are believed to be an initiation into the new humanity. This first step will guide you on a journey of ecstatic communion, gut-wrenching growth, and luminous healing. Are you ready to begin?


Nine Activations

The Munay-ki rites are nine energetic activations that are transmitted energy body to energy body. Gathering the tradition of these shamanic activations from all over Peru, Alberto Villoldo was the first to collect the series of rites we know as the Munay-ki today. The purpose of the rites is to activate your evolution into homo luminous. After receiving the Munay-ki rites, you are encouraged to pass them on, and in this way contribute to the awakening of humanity.

Foundation Rites

Rites of the Healer, Bands of Power, Harmony Rites, & Seer Rites

Lineage Rites

Rites of the Daykeepers, Wisdomkeepers, & Earthkeepers

Rites to Come

Rite of the Starkeepers & the Creator Rite


Receive the Rites

The Munay-ki rites are seeds that you must nurture and grow on your own. I offer the rites in two different formats. You may select either the weekend intensive or seasonal activation. The weekend intensive allows you to receive all nine rites in just three days. It's a big energetic download! The seasonal activation allows you to receive three to four rites every three months, providing more time for integration between rites. Both options include the Munay-ki Integration, a year long apprenticeship to help you grow your seeds.

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