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Reiki Practitioner Training

Energy Medicine

Reiki is a form of energy work. The Reiki practitioner acts as an antenna to channel and direct life force energy to the body, mind, and heart center. The attunement you will receive during training will heighten your sensitivity to energy and give you practical tools for learning to identify and move energy with intention.



What makes this course unique?

The Reiki lineage I trained under provided specialized instruction in employing psychic conversations with my client's higher self, as well as animal spirit guides. I teach this practice to help Reiki practitioners pin-point ailments on a soul level, sending the healing energy to the root of the problem.

Who would benefit from attending?

Anyone with a vested interest in energy medicine. These programs cover both the introductory and advanced Reiki practitioner training. It is open to those who have never even heard of Reiki, all the way up to Reiki Masters interested in learning the intuitive aspect of energy medicine.

Can I apply if I got my Reiki 1 with someone else?

Absolutely! Reiki practitioners of all lineages are welcome to attend. If you are local to Hatfield, I encourage you to check out my monthly Reiki share to get a feel for my style of energy work. Check out my event calendar on Facebook to learn more about our next gathering.


Training Opportunities

Empower Yourself as a Healer


Each course includes an attunement, or activtion, training in energy healing techniques, and training manual. Reiki training and mentorship are offered by appointment. Please use the contact form below to inquire about booking.


Basic Reiki Course

Level 1 - Hands On Healing

The basic reiki course introduces energy anatomy and provides techniques for re-balancing energy and naturally restoring wellness. You will be introduced to our lineage of Reiki Masters, learn how to call on guides for protection and assistance, and receive the first reiki symbol. Learn byosen scanning and hand placements for full-body treatments.

Advanced Reiki Course

Level 2 - Distance Healing & Psychic Communication

In addition to distance healing, shamanic techniques are included with the advanced reiki course. You will learn to cut cords and psychically communicate with the client's higher self. You will also receive the second and third reiki symbols.


Ongoing Support

I am happy to provide ongoing support and mentorship to all of my students free of charge. As part of the mentorship, yoga teachers may receive personalized training in combining yoga and Reiki to enhance their classes, workshops, retreats, and trainings.

About Nancy

Nancy is a certified Usui Reiki Master and has been practicing since 2012. In her lineage, she is 6th from Dr. Mikao Usui himself and is classically trained in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method of energy healing. She integrates psychic techniques to help those who unconsciously or uncontrollably absorb unwanted energy from others, and to facilitate healing lifetimes of residual negativity and trauma.


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